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Where Mango, Lizard Go, To Appease Our Reptilian Overlords

Many, many, years ago our ancestors descended from the heavens to engineer the first human beings. To us, they were giants that ruled as gods over mankind. Some even go so far as to say that they were a species of Reptilian Overlords.

Were they real? Or were they mythical gods? We’ll let you decide that for yourself.
Bow down, and crack open a can of Lizard People to be taken back in time to the sweet n sour fruitiness of one of the OG sours.

Choose from a single 440ml can or save on multipacks of 6, 12, or 24 cans.

Unfined, unfiltered, unpasteurised natural beer. Suitable for vegans.




Mango Puree


Pilsner, Dextrin, Flaked Oats, Wheat




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